A Compliment Within a Compliment

I was given an extremely kind compliment today from a teacher in my building. While the message of the compliment was incredibly appreciated, who she said it applied to was more of a compliment to me than I think she even realized. We work hard to provide an exemplary...

The Lesson Behind the Door

Monday, August 20, 2018 I was talking with a colleague today. She’s a retired teacher who has graciously accepted the challenge of completing a long-term maternity leave for one of our counselors. Through our conversation, I was reminded of how much we often work in...

First the Heart, Then the Mind

Today, I met with multiple students who I worked with a lot last school year. I wanted to reconnect, to see how summer went and to ask about the first few days of school. It was great! I was reminded, as I often am, of the power and importance of meaningful...

The funny thing about focus.

Focus. It's something we always seem to want, but have you ever noticed how limiting it is once you have it? A familiar phrase I'm sure you've heard a thousand times is "in the zone." For the longest time I had assumed that to be a good thing. Now, I'm not so sure....

Start Failing – LUE003

Start Failing – LUE003

Episode: Start Failing Hosts: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) and Nikki Woodbury (@nikkiwoodbury) Show notes/resources: About LightUpEDU - about page We talked about two of our articles on the episode today. Failure Leads to Success, or Does It? You Can't Let the Losses Define...

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