I went down a rabbit hole this afternoon. I decided that I wanted to find something on Twitter, retweet it and offer a thought about it. This seemed like a good idea in order to become a more connect leader. Ha!

That did not happen. After hearing about my own children’s first day of school and asking 1001 questions so that I knew all about it, I began to make dinner and peruse Twitter. I read a lot of Tweets, enjoyed all of the 1st day pics, and was redirected to multiple educational articles. I started following a few new people and liked multiple posts. I spent nearly three hours, on and off, while doing multiple other evening activities (reading with my kids, cleaning up dinner, playing an intense game of Sorry) in order to accomplish my evening’s goal. I kept thinking about it. But, just couldn’t commit to a specific Tweet. I am so uncomfortable with this tool, and I don’t want to put something out there that isn’t right. So, I decided not to Tweet anything… for now. I might sometime soon but I definitely feel like I need more time. But, the cool thing about that is I get to make that decision. I can step out of my comfort zone on Twitter when I’m ready.

I wish we were able to offer that time to kids in their learning. I know that we are often handcuffed to the clock in education. But, what if we weren’t? What possibilities would emerge? In the end, I didn’t complete my task because I wasn’t ready. But, I learned. I read an article by Rick Wormeli ““Grit and Growth Mindset: Deficit Thinking?” that really challenged my perspective. I’m not sure how I feel about all of his ideas yet, but I’m thinking about them. I saw some really cool classrooms with flexible seating and want to talk with a few teachers about it tomorrow. There were some great back to school quotes that made me smile.

So, my take away today? Let’s continue to honor the process of learning and not just the product.

I’ll Tweet something soon. I’m sure of it.

#alienadministrator #twitternewbie #learningisajourney

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