Last night I was texting Jeff about some work stuff that needed to get done and other things that I wanted to do, if I “have time.” I ended our text string by saying that “time is the nemesis of everything awesome.” Not thinking much of that statement, Jeff came into my office this morning excited about using this as a title for something he wanted to write. I laughed. But, the more I thought about it, the more I completely agreed. This flippant statement I made via text holds so much truth.

Time. The roadblock that haunts me, often.

I have decided that this is going to be a touchpoint piece for me. Time continually strong-arms me into abandoning great ideas and “what ifs” because of its limit. But, it also grounds me. There are so many areas of my life- personal and professional-that Time becomes the red light and at the same time my checkpoint (sorry for driving metaphors).

Tonight, I’ll start with possibility #1: this project. I know. I just started this journey. But, Time already got in my way. I blew off posting last Friday. Throughout the day, I never found an opportunity to write. I told myself I’d do it when I got home. But, let’s face it. It was the first full week of school for me and my kids. My husband was at a Fantasy Football draft. It was a beautify night. And, I was absolutely exhausted. So instead, I chose to eat dinner on the deck and to jump on the trampoline with my kids. In the midst of my evening, Jeff texted me. As a good friend, he reminded me to post my writing for the day. Since I hadn’t written anything and it was the first week of my goal, I opened my computer after I put on a movie for my kids. But, then Time reminded me of something. These Friday nights are limited. My kids are still ecstatic to be hanging out with Mom on a Friday night and laughing on the living room floor. This won’t last forever. I chose to close my computer and enjoy the show.

In this moment, Time worked against my new project. However, it reminded me of something too. Time is finite. We only have 180ish days with our students. I only have a 52 Friday nights this year with my kids.

How do we choose wisely? How do we make make Time a reminder rather than a roadblock?

I’d love your feedback!


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