Monday, August 20, 2018

I was talking with a colleague today. She’s a retired teacher who has graciously accepted the challenge of completing a long-term maternity leave for one of our counselors. Through our conversation, I was reminded of how much we often work in silos in schools. We aren’t always in tune to the challenges each of us are up against each day. It’s easy to pass judgement of “why didn’t this happen” or “why does so-and-so not do …” But mostly, we just don’t know the day-in and day-out of each of our roles in a school building.

Prior to becoming a building administrator, I had no idea what went into supporting our students socially and emotionally. Now, in my role, I work collaboratively with our student services team to support students who are struggling socially and emotionally. And, it’s hard. My day is never boring. But, it’s also never a reliable schedule of events. My calendar is driven by student and staff needs at that very moment. And, some days, I just don’t get to it all. I hate that answer because I’ve never been one to accept that as an excuse. But, it is the reality that I didn’t understand as a classroom teacher.

Each of us play an important role in a child’s education even if it’s often behind closed doors. So, thank you to all who continue teach our kids so many important lessons even if no one else is looking.

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