First the Heart, Then the Mind

Today, I met with multiple students who I worked with a lot last school year. I wanted to reconnect, to see how summer went and to ask about the first few days of school. It was great! I was reminded, as I often am, of the power and importance of meaningful...

Today I embark on a journey.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018   Today I embark on a journey. Today was the first day of school. Today marks my 33rd first day of school.   In 1985, I began Kindergarten and today I began my 17th year as an educator.   I have always loved the first day of school and...
Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

When I was a kid, I used to love looking at optical illusion images. I was fascinated by the way the images could change based upon a person’s perception or mindset.  One of my favorites was this one. My first view was the beautiful young lady.  While others,...
Failure Leads to Success. Or does it?

Failure Leads to Success. Or does it?

I took a walk today and stopped in a few classrooms just for fun.  As I sat in the back of one classroom, I noticed all of the positive posters displayed on the walls.   “Today is a great day to learn something new!” “You never fail until you stop trying.” “FAIL;...

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