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Start Failing - LUE003

by Jeff Herb and Nikki Woodbury | LightUpEDU

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Start Failing – LUE003

Episode: Start Failing Hosts: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) and Nikki Woodbury (@nikkiwoodbury) Show notes/resources: About LightUpEDU - about page We talked about two of our articles on the episode today. Failure Leads to Success, or Does It? You Can't Let the Losses Define...

See the Nail: Stop Grading – LUE002

Grading is the topic of conversation on this episode of LightUpEDU. Jeff and Nikki start the conversation about what a grade represents and where we need to start shifting our thinking.

It’s Time to Stop Teaching – LUE001

Jeff Herb and Nikki Woodbury introduce their new show, LightUpEDU, by explaining the central premise of "Stop Teaching." Two articles about Norming and Risk Taking are also discussed.

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