LightUpEDU is all about connecting, collaborating with, and igniting educators.

We started LightUpEDU to challenge the traditional constructs of education and improve what truly matters, student learning. If you’re familiar with education at all, you are certainly aware that we need to “light it up” in many ways. We take this to mean a number of things:

  • It’s easy to get down on the work we do sometimes, we have to remember how much impact we have on so many people – light it up by celebrating successes and sharing what works (and sometimes more importantly, what doesn’t).
  • Light it up sometimes needs to mean blow it up – we can’t be afraid to have those conversations about what needs to be radically redefined (or even just slightly tweaked).
  • We need to talk about things that get swept under the rug. “Light up” those topics and collaboratively work through solutions to our looming issues.

Whether it’s reading what we have written on our blog, through interaction with us on social media (Twitter), or by working with us on a specific project (presentations & workshops); Nikki and Jeff are excited to interact with you. Feel free to contact us with questions, or just to say hello!

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