I have this bizarre superstition that when I open a fortune cookie I then need to carry the fortune with me the rest of the day for it to become reality. I know…

This habit of mine typically leads to the eventual resurfacing of the fortune in unlikely places (pockets, bags, car, etc) – sometimes months later.

The fortune I came across today was surprisingly timely given this posting challenge that we have recently started (and since we haven’t had Chinese in six months).

The measure of time to your next goal is the measure of your discipline.

I’ve been a blogger for a long time. It’s not uncommon that I tell myself that I really need to post a new article or update my site and yet my site can go months without seeing any new content. Why? Discipline and accountability.

When Nikki and I set this goal, we did so with the intention that we would post daily (the discipline) and keep on each other to make sure it gets done (the accountability). Here we are, a week down, and we each have posts for each day. Pretty good, but I’m not shocked.

I can’t help but connect this to our work in PLCs or professional teams. In my case, my partnership with Nikki keeps me focused and motivated. It keeps me honest and true to what we set out to do. Your work within your teams should be the same. Encourage your team to keep you on your toes and hold you accountable for what you (and your team) sets out to accomplish.

If this fortune is true in the sense that our proclivity to reach our goals hinges on our ability to stay disciplined, align yourself with people that will push, motivate, and encourage you to get there.

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