I was walking down the hallway today and saw one of the bulletin boards that had just been redone by a staff member in our building.

It caught my attention for a couple reasons.

  1. It looked amazing.
  2. It had a bizarre combo of symbols.
  3. It had a lasting message.

While these aren’t in order of importance, they certainly are in the order in which I experienced them.

So, I proceeded to stand in front of the board, tilting my head from left to right. I experienced both perspectives exactly as board intended. Smile. Frown. Smile. Frown.

Perspective is huge. It allows us to frame our thinking, it encourages an open mind, and it offers an opportunity for a mindset change for anyone willing to take a step back and view a situation just a little bit differently.

Perspective allows us to make something out of nothing. It allows us to see the good in the bad and see potential in places (or people) that rarely get the time of day.

We are in control of our perspectives. How are you controlling yours?

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