Focus. It’s something we always seem to want, but have you ever noticed how limiting it is once you have it?

A familiar phrase I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times is “in the zone.” For the longest time I had assumed that to be a good thing. Now, I’m not so sure.

I’ve been “in the zone” with my professional learning for almost 10 years. Sure, there have been diversions along the way, but instructional technology has been my dominant area of focus. It’s an area in which I excel, yet it’s also an area where I find comfort.

Comfort is not where you find innovation.

That said, for my 180ish-day posting challenge I am stepping out of my zone. No tech tips, no tech tools. Sure, some instructional or philosophical concepts may reference tech, but for the next 180ish days it will not be my focus on this site.

Thanks to Nikki for reminding me to push myself. (If you don’t have a person like that, find one – it’s important for your growth and it’s incredibly inspiring.)

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