It's Time to Stop Teaching

by Jeff Herb and Nikki Woodbury | LightUpEDU

Episode: It’s Time to Stop Teaching

Hosts: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) and Nikki Woodbury (@nikkiwoodbury)

Show notes/resources:

About LightUpEDU – about page

We talked about two of our articles on the episode today.

Links to the videos (embedded, actually) are included in the Overcoming the Killer of Creativity post (above).


Host notes:

I promise to not use “ultimately” 4,325 times in future episodes. -Jeff

Give a shout out to Nikki for recording her first podcast! Pretty great start, right?

Next week we will talk more about the idea of LightUpEDU and take on the topic of Grading – we are looking forward to sharing with you.

Jeff Herb

Jeff Herb


Nikki Woodbury

Nikki Woodbury


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