See the Nail: Stop Grading - LUE 2

by Jeff Herb and Nikki Woodbury | LightUpEDU

Episode: Stop Grading, See the Nail – LUE002

Hosts: Jeff Herb (@jeffherb) and Nikki Woodbury (@nikkiwoodbury)

Show notes/resources:

About LightUpEDU – about page

We talked about two of our articles on the episode today.

Here is the Nail video we referenced in the episode:

Host notes:

Lots to still unpack in the grading conversation. We will be continuing to cover this topic in future episodes and posts. -Jeff

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We look forward to sharing with you next week on the next episode of LightUpEDU!

Jeff Herb

Jeff Herb


Nikki Woodbury

Nikki Woodbury


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