I was having a conversation with a teacher today regarding quiz/test retakes; a topic on which many people have varying opinions. In our discussion, she referenced a video that another colleague had shared with her on the subject, which I asked her to forward to me as well (as, naturally, I’m a sucker for some new edu-content).

To my delight, it was a video of Rick Wormeli sharing his perspective regarding redos and retakes. I had seen this video years ago and actually had the opportunity to see him speak in person, which was thoroughly enjoyable. He covers a lot of ground in this video. Perhaps one of my favorite segments is his conversation about failure. It actually speaks to my post from a few days ago – that practice is essential and through failure we learn and grow.

This video is an extremely worthwhile watch. I challenge you to view it and then discuss it with your team! Let me know how it goes.

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