Jeff Herb is the founder of LightUpEDU and serves as the Principal of Dundee Middle School in West Dundee, Illinois. Dundee Middle is a 6th-8th grade facility that serves approximately 900 students and has over 100 staff members. Prior to his principalship, Jeff was the Associate Principal at Dundee-Crown High School where he had also served as the Director of Academic Support, and and English Teacher.

Jeff went to the University of Illinois and completed undergraduate work in both English and Business Administration. He holds two Masters Degree – one in Teaching and the other in Educational Administration. He is currently a Doctoral student studying Educational Leadership at Aurora University.

As the founder of the popular instructional technology website, Instructional Tech Talk, Jeff participates in regular professional development and does presentations across the country at local and national conferences. He has received several awards for his work with instructional technology, podcasting, and social media. He has a passion for student learning and works to find innovative ways to redefine what learning can be in the classroom.

His podcasts Instructional Tech Talk and EdTech You Should Know are regularly featured on the K-12 section of iTunes and he is a co-host of the popular live streaming Tech Educator Podcast on Sunday nights.

Jeff is an Apple in Education Expert, a Google Certified Educator, and regularly works with educational vendors to review and provide consultation for upcoming products.

Recent posts by Jeff:

No Risk, No Reward

Risks are things that educators have a hard time taking. Why? For one, when we discuss taking risks we are usually referring to our instruction - which we see as having a direct impact on student learning. By taking risks, we fear irreparable harm on a student’s...

You Can Only Control What You Can Control

Control is a funny thing. Sometimes you only feel at peace when you have it and other times you need to lose it to learn and move forward. It’s amazing, actually, that one characteristic can be so polarizing in different situations. Control is something that educators...

It’s Time to Stop Teaching – LUE001

Jeff Herb and Nikki Woodbury introduce their new show, LightUpEDU, by explaining the central premise of "Stop Teaching." Two articles about Norming and Risk Taking are also discussed.

An A doesn’t mean you know more than a C

As a principal, I have the pleasure of fielding many of the concerns that drum up from things that take place in (and out of) the building. Sometimes, these conversations are moderately simple and can be rectified in minutes by simply informing the uninformed. There...

Just Keep Moving #LightUpEDU

There’s always hurdles. So I just keep moving, just constantly redefining myself. That’s how you stay in the race. Isaac Hayes #LightUpEDU So that was the reason we took it out, we saw demand for it, we expanded the content offer quite significantly, and...

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